Let me introduce myself. My name is Folkert de Gans, I am a Dutch Amiga Collector.
I started my computing career with an 8bit Atari (XL/XE series). Around 1986 I bought my first Amiga 1000. Man, did it just blow me away. I remember sitting behind it for hours, just playing around in DPaint. Upgraded the A1000 to an A500. Added a second disk drive, memory expansion and even a monitor.
This 500 got replaced by my first A2000, remember buying it at a really cheap store called "Musitapes" for 2300,- dutch guilders. This machine stayed with me for a very long time.
Around 1992 I got into communications, buying myself a modem. A 2400 baud one. I got hooked. Really hooked, forcing me to start my own BBS. I ran "The TWiLiGHT Zone BBS" for a few years, in the end running 3 lines at 56K7. I got myself an A1200 to be able to play AGA games.
Somewhere in 1997 I shut down the BBS selling off most of my hardware. I traded the A1200 for an A4000 which I kept till 1998/1999. Stupidly enough I sold it. Somehow I had the idea PC's were to be my future. 2004 I got this itch, like I was missing something.


Yes, I know. Selling it all off was stupid, look where it got me. I bought myself an A1200 late 2004. Just to get that feeling back. Upgraded to 4000, got a 500 etc etc, that just got the ball rolling. I now own nearly every model Amiga made and sold commercially (that means excluding prototypes).


Basically because my collection is getting out of hand, and all this info needs to remain known. This site is made to share info, pictures, help etc for fellow Amiga die-hards.


No idea. See, I also have a full-time job. I have this large amount of Amiga's, they need to be rebuilt, restored, repaired, configured and installed. And that is apart from taking pictures and maintaining this site.

WHERE? Right here. Some pictures I also share with known Amiga boards and info sites.  
  I offer (small) Amiga repairs, refurbishments, installations and support. Common repairs are clock circuitry in an A4000, battery damage in all models with integrated clock. Upgrading any model, installing bigger drives, etc. For a fair price quote mail me at the adress below or check out my new shop! SERVICES!
  To contact me? Simple: info@amiga4ever.nl HOW?