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WarpEngine 4040

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This card has 128MB of RAM installed


Front ViewThis is the A4000 version of the WarpEngine, the difference is in the SIMM sockets. The A3000 version has only 2 SIMM sockets, angled to better fit the A3000 case.

Bottom ViewThe WarpEngine was designed in the USA, not by MacroSystem Germany. How these companies relate is not exactly clear. This photo shows that even the bottom of the card is populated.

Original BoxFlashy graphics and quotes from the reviews the card have been given. This is one of the best 040 cards for the A3000 and A4000 series of computers, only matched by those of Phase5.

Designed for:Amiga 3/4000Connector:CPU Slot
Info:68040 @ 40MhzExpansion Type:Turbocard
Serial Nr.:E00175Installed in: Not currently installed
Amount owned: 1No Driver AvailableNo Manual AvailableNo ROM Available
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