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Vidi Amiga

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Black and white digitizer with Composite video input


Front ViewThe Vidi Amiga is a slow scan digitizer which scan a maximum of 3 frames per second. It requires a still image if colour images are made in combination with the Vidi RGB.

Inside ViewThis shows the inside of the Vidi Amiga. Power is supplied through the floppy port, video input is in the form of a Composite video in.

Original BoxThis is the original box for the Vidi Amiga. Being sold at only 129,95 UK Pounds it was a bargain back in the day.

Kit VersionThe Vidi Amiga is standard a black and white digitizer, using the Vidi RGB colour splitter it is capable of creating 4096 colour HAM images. This kit was sold as The Complete Colour Solution with a retail price of 249,95 UK pounds.

Designed for:Any AmigaConnector:External
Info:Slow scan digitizerExpansion Type:Video Expansion
Serial Nr.:E00178Installed in: Storage
Amount owned: 1No Driver AvailableNo Manual AvailableNo ROM Available
Original Packaging