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Megamix 2000 3

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This is a rather strange 8MB Fast Ram expansion. It is a smallish card which has 2MB in SIP packages installed (256K per module), the other 6MB can be added in the form of ZIP modules.


Top ViewThe Megamix 2000-III has a strange combination of really small SIPP modules (128K/each) for the first 2MB of RAM, the rest upto 8MB can be upgraded using ZIP ram chips. Maybe this is done to keep the cost down for the 2MB version.

Bottom ViewThis is the rear of the card, nothing much to see apart from a small fix.

Designed for:Amiga 2/3/4000Connector:Zorro 2
Info:8MB Fast RamExpansion Type:Memory Expansion
Serial Nr.:28.2.92/2Installed in: Storage
Amount owned: 1No Driver AvailableNo Manual AvailableNo ROM Available
No Original Packaging