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XSurf Phoenix

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Specially designed version of the XSurf card which fits in the Zorro slot of the Phoenix or GBA1000 replacement boards. This way it is possible to fit an ethernet card internally in the Amiga 1000 casing.


Front ViewThis shows the redesigned card, because of the angle it is possible to place this internally in the A1000 casing. It also features to clockport and an expansion port, but no IDE ports like the Original Xsurf. The ISA card is a 10mbit version with UTP and BNC connectors.

Designed for:PhoenixConnector:Zorro 2
Info:Ethernet CardExpansion Type:Networking
Serial Nr.:E00344Installed in: Storage
Amount owned: 1No Driver AvailableNo Manual AvailableNo ROM Available
No Original Packaging