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Over 30

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Extremely rare 68030 upgrade for the CSA Turbo Amiga CPU, the first turbocard released for the Amiga 2000. This "Over 30" card is a small PCB that houses 4 LED's, a couple of IC''s and ofcourse a 16Mhz 68030 CPU. It is placed in the 68020 socket on the Turbo Amiga CPU, the 68881 remains in it's original place.


Top ViewThe Over 30 is a small module with some logic and an 030 CPU. It is meant to upgrade the Turbo Amiga CPU to an 030 CPU, bu not increase it's speed. This design might have been inspiration for the later Rocket Ranger.

Designed for:Other...Connector:On-Chip Connection
Info:68030 upgradeExpansion Type:Turbocard
Serial Nr.:E00354Installed in: Storage
Amount owned: 1No Driver AvailableNo Manual AvailableNo ROM Available
No Original Packaging