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The first Bridgeboard designed at the same time as the Amiga 2000A. This card has an 8088 at 4.7Mhz and offered full PC compatibility in one box. The amiga keyboard was used to control the PC and the bridgeboard was able to run in a window on the Workbench screen.

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Designed for:Amiga 2/3/4000Connector:Zorro 2
Info:XT 8088 EmulatorExpansion Type:Emulator
Serial Nr.:E00061Installed in: Storage
Amount owned: 4Driver AvailableNo Manual AvailableNo ROM Available
No Original Packaging

Other Units

Serial Nr.:2788Installed in: Amiga 2000B (ID: 20)

Serial Nr.:Label unreadable or missingInstalled in: Amiga 2000A (ID: 27)

Serial Nr.:JA0005846Installed in: Amiga 2000B (ID: 55)


1Amiga Janus driver disk 2.02.0More InfoDOWNLOAD
2Amiga Janus driver disk 2.12.1More InfoDOWNLOAD

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