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Blizzard 1230 MK4

Expansion ID:

Expansion Information

32MB Installed, no co-pro


Front ViewThis shows the 68030 and 68882 CPU-FPU combination, both clocked at 50Mhz. The SCSI controller can be attached to the edge connector at the left top of the card.

Bottom ViewThere is a mysterious reference to a line marked DO NOT CUT, wonder what that is for. This view also shows the model, copyright information and the names of the designers at the left edge of the photo.

Designed for:Amiga 1200Connector:1200 Trapdoor
Info:68030 @ 50MhzExpansion Type:Turbocard
Serial Nr.:SN4523054Installed in: Storage
Amount owned: 1No Driver AvailableNo Manual AvailableNo ROM Available
Original Packaging