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Hydra Systems

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2 BNC network connectors. This is a Zorro 2 card with an adapter and casing.


Top viewThe Hydra Systems Amiganet 500 is styled to fit the Amiga 500. The expansion does not need a power adapter, and it does not have a passthrough module.

Inside viewInside the Amiganet 500 we find a normal Zorro II version, with a special adapter to fit the Amiga 500 side port. Funny enough the (metal) case has room for a passthough, but obvisously the Zorro II card does not offer one.

Rear ViewThis image shows the two BNC connectors, also called Thinnet. The case looks like it does not support other versions like AUI or RJ45, but it is unknown if these were made at some point in time.

AdapterThis image shows the adapter used to bridge the Amiga 500 side connector to the Zorro II card. The cable is probably fitted because the printtrack has too small specifications; is it does not bridge a failing connection.

Designed for:Amiga 500Connector:500 Side Expansion
Info:Ethernet ExpansionExpansion Type:Networking
Serial Nr.:AE47420020CFInstalled in: Storage
Amount owned: 1No Driver AvailableNo Manual AvailableNo ROM Available
No Original Packaging