9 January 2015Mark your calendars! Saturday 27th of June we are organising THE Amiga: 30 years event in Europe. This will be the event to go to, don't miss out. We have exhibitors, speakers and Amiga's lined up for the day! Keep an eye out for our website (www.amiga30.eu) for more news and updates!

12 July 2013Been really busy at work, but things have happened on the Amiga front. I am working hard at building my own GBA1000 board, which is almost finished. Some small additions to the collection are a Vector Multi IO board, an ASDG Multi serial card and some other small stuff. Working at uploading more drivers now.

30 November 2012In April we had a Viva Amiga party in Holland. Zach, the director of the movie, attended and there were lots of (local celebrity) guests, including RJ Mical. I took along the A3500, an Access and my A600/40. Alongside my machines I also took a displaycase with several prototypes. In the picture you can see the A690 (prototype for the A570 cd drive), an A3200 (with 68020 and 68030 full CPU's) and several Villagetronic prototypes. Bottom left is an Ariadne proto, bottom right is a Picasso II. In the middle is a Picasso Classic, which is the Picasso II designed for the Amiga 500 (never released). Below that is a PCI expansion for the Picasso IV. Top right is a Picasso IV prototype which held a PCI videocard.

7 July 2012Updates to the collection are this time a boxed A1200 in "Computer Combat" package, an ACA630/30, a Digital Broadcaster Elite board and several other small Zorro cards (mainly memory). Have been busy building and installing my main A3000, which sits nicely on my desk. It runs Workbench 3.1. Busy re-installing my BBS software that I used to run back in the 90's.

2 March 2012Okay, a major update this time. Most of the work was done on the back-end server, but changes are to be found at the front as well. Most striking is the removal of the shop, I do my selling (and mostly buying!) on Amibay these days. Check the links page. Lot's of new toys in the collection, like a PPS Mercury 040 for the A3000, my 600 pimped to the max with an ACA630, A604, Subway and Indivision ECS, and boy is it nice! Furthermore added a One Stop Music Shop, Mega Midget Racer and a few other bits and bobs...

23 March 2011One word: Amiga 3500. Wow, its here! Pardon the picture quality, it was taken with a mobile phone under low light conditions.

11 March 2011A really nice addition to the collection is a Magicbox Alphagen character Generator. It is a black rackmount case with an Amiga 1200 mainboard, MTec 1230 turbocard and boots a custom built GUI. It is still fully configured as cable news for the Tampa Bay area! Lots more nice additions include an ACA630 turbocard for the Amiga 600, a 2088T bridgeboard of a different design than the one already owned. Also new is an Amiga 600HD/40, a very rare puppy indeed!

24 October 2010Adding new pictures to the website, lots still needs to be done. Some exciting new additions to the collections, like a prototype A3200 CPU card and an A690 prototype of the A570 CD-Rom drive. Also found a Malibu SCSI controller to go with the Bodega Bay. Also found two A500s sold only in Germany, designed by Stepahnie Tucking. These have a coloured outside, one with coloured balls, the other with a tiger print.

28 May 2010Update: Lots of things done in the backend of this site, not that the front changed much. Many new additions to the collection; check out the systems and expansions page. Additions include: CSA Magnum 40/4 CPU card, Index Systems Access machines, G-Rex 1200 PCI busboard, VLab Motion, bare A4000T mainboard, Video Toaster machine, WAW 2MB Chipram Adapter, Ariadne rev 1 Ethernet card and many, many more items!

09 January 2010Working on adding more expansion I have laying around to the website. Also working hard on Pictures, many more are now available, specially from Expansions. Couple new parts added to the collection: A Q-Drive from Amiga Technologies (PCMCIA CD-Rom drive) and a Rev. 2 A4000 Mainboard. The Rev. 2 isnt seen much, most 4000s have Rev. B.

14 December 2009New additions to the collection include a Blizzard SCSI module, an Amiga 1200 (C= version), an Amiga 1200HD/40 (C= version), a DKB Megachip 500/2000, an IOBlix Ethernet Module, a GVP AT286 AT Emulator, a Scandoubler module for the Cybervision 64/3d and a very rare Amiga 2000 mainboard, a rev 3.9. This pre-production revision was only sold to dealers as demo units and production was limited to max 200 units.

21 September 2009Small update: Bought a Rocket Launcher (68030 50Mhz module for the A2630), an Emplant board, an 8UP! dip RAM expansion and the biggest one: A Phoenix board! Yes, the legendary replacement motherboard for the Amiga 1000!

17 August 2009This time this page has been edited, it now shows the latest additions to the store, the last 5 expansions and the last 2 systems added to the collection.
Some cool new stuff in the collection, like a Zeus ConneXion ethernet card (compatible with the A2065). Also a nice AD516 sound card by Sunrize.

9 July 2009Big sale!
Major new addition to this site is the shop, I will be selling off parts of my collection (duplicates etc). Check the button in the left menu! The shop should be fully functioning, including calculating shipping costs and payment methods. Important! Trade-in as payment is welcomed, if you have parts, expansions or machines I do not have yet they can be used as (part) payment. Please get in touch if you have an offer. New additions to the collection include a Multivision 500 Flicker Fixer for the A500, a Roctec RM2MC Memory expansion for the A500, an Eagle A4000T, an Elbox A4000T, Mediator 4000D, Prometheus and various other parts.

4 January 2009Major overhaul!
The site has been completely revamped and is now database driven. This means for one that maintance is a lot easier, expansions and systems are now linked and the looks have improved (well, that's my opinion). Will be doing more work in the coming weeks, including adding more pictures, systems, expansions, drivers and manuals. More info soon!

17 August 2008Thumbnails added to the Expansions page, lots more work needs to be done though. New additions to the collection are a DPS PAR (personal animation recorder), a Hydra Ethernet card, a Cybervision CV64/3d, a CybervisionPPC and a very nice and rare CD32 Debug board by Commodore.

25 March 2008Took a while to update again, lots of new additions. The Cyberstorm family is now complete by acquiring an MK1 (060). Lots of work went into the Expansions page this time, making it much more complete (by no means there yet). Done some overhauling the systems pages also. Next projects wil be getting all the pictures up.

28 October 2007Finally another update. Moving took more time and energy then expected, and to be honest, I have more Amiga stuff then I thought :) Lots of time went in to sorting it all out, but now slowly all is taking shape. Lot's of new additions once again, including: Amiganet Ethernet expansion for the Amiga 500, three A2060 Arcnet cards, 2 A560 Arcnet Adapters, Nexus SCSI controller, Amiga 2000 in a CompZ tower and lots more. Been working hard at the systems page, lots of updating going on there. Need to find time to make more, and more precise photo's.

11 March 2007Biggest news to date: We have bought a house. This means I will have a special Amiga room. (pictures will follow once in progress!) Latest additions to the collection: Amiga A570 CD-Rom drive, Fastlane Z3 SCSI controller, C= A2232 Serial Board and a A2320 Flicker Fixer

12 November 2006Redesigned the Systems pages. Info on configuration per machine is now clearer to read. Latest additions: Amiga 3000T-040, Amiga 2500UX; Amiga 1200; Amiga 1000; GVP Spectrum graphics card; GVP TRex; Opalvision Card; DPS TBC; DKB Rapidfire SCSI; MacroSystems Toccata; ED FrameMachine; ED Internal Modulator; Phase 5 Blizzard 1230IV

5 October 2006Started adding Expansion Pages. Collection just keep growing, latest additions include a Cyberstorm MK2 including SCSI controller; a different A3000 in new condition; a Picasso II card and a C= A2386 Bridgeboard

29 May 2006Added the A2000, the A2500, the A3000 and the A3000UX to the Systems page.

25 May 2006Built main part of the Expansions Page. Individual expansion pages will follow. Rebuild all pages from old style to new style.

18 May 2006Start implementing a new Style. Banner kindly supplied by ApacheDesign. All underlaying pages will be adjusted to new style. For now the main page, the links, the menu buttons and the systems page are done.

1 May 2006First release of this page.

Less Updates

Latest 5 Expansions added to the Collection

Amiga 2/3/4000
Zorro 2

Applied Engineering DataLink 2000 2400 baud internal modem

Amiga 2000
Zorro 2

Expansion Systems Dataflyer RAM 8MB FastRAM expansion

Amiga 2/3/4000
Zorro 2

Ameristar Technologies Inc. AE2000-100 Ethernet card

Amiga 2/3/4000
Zorro 2

Individual Computers Catweasel Z-II MK2 IDE/Floppy controller

Amiga 2/3/4000
Zorro 2

Masoboshi FastRAM 2000 8MB FastRAM expansion

Latest 2 Systems added to the Collection

Amiga 1200

Placeholder for my Kickstarter case machine :)

Amiga 2000B

Early prototype of a CR 2000 (West Chester model)

Latest System Pictures added

Amiga 1000Amiga 1200Amiga 1200Amiga 1200HD
Amiga 1200Amiga 1200Amiga 600Amiga 600
Amiga 500+Amiga 500+Amiga 500Amiga 500

Latest Expansion Pictures added

ACA500ACA500Golem 030 TurboGolem 030 Turbo
Power ChangerPower ChangerA1020Over 30
Megamix 2000 3Megamix 2000 3AmiganetAmiganet

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