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Very big, sturdy tower case designed to take the A2000s motherboard and all possible expansion cards. Adjustable Mhz display provides CPU speed rating.

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Configuration Details

Chip Mem:2MBCPU:68040
Fast Mem:16MBKickstart:3.1
Floppy:Chinon FZ357A HDBackup:SCSI DAT Stream
Hard Drive:9,1GB SCSIOptical Drive:SCSI CD-Rom


Accelerator:G-Force 040 ComboInfo:68040 @ 33Mhz / SCSI Controller
Videoslot:A2320Type:Flicker Fixer
Zorro slot 1:Amax 2+Type:Zorro 2 Macintosh emulator
Zorro slot 2:Picasso IIType:2MB Video Ram/Passthrough
Zorro slot 3:A2060Type:ARCNet card
Zorro slot 4:Golden Gate 486SLCType:80486SLC @ 25Mhz
Zorro slot 5:MegaChip 2000/500Type:2MB Chip RAM expansion
Zorro slot 6:Not Installed
Zorro slot 7:Not Installed

Specific Details

Serial Nr.:S00011Boxed:No Original Packaging
Manual:No Manual AvailableAmount Owned:1