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Amiga 600HD

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System Information

Identical to the Amiga 600, this model came with a built in 20MB 2.5 inch hard drive. This was a much sleeker looking machine compared to the identical specced A500+ with A590 hard drive.

In order to use drives larger then 40MB requires Kickstart 37.350 or higher.


Box FrontMy A600 is boxed and came in the UK Epic Pack. The front of the box is labeled Epic and focuses on the games included: Epic, Rome and Myth. Also included was a copy of Deluxe Paint III.

Box RearThe back of the box was marked Language Lab and focused on the Trivial Pursuit game included and Amiga Text. This allowed the retailer to focus on either the leisure or educational side of the machine.

Front ViewThe A600HD is as new, no discolouring of the keys. Even the warranty seal is still intact. Loved by some, hated by others, the A600 is the smallest in the Amiga family. It has no numeric keypad, but was the first to offer an IDE interface and PCMCIA connector.

Rear ViewThe Amiga 600(HD) was also the first Amiga with an integrated modulator. Between the power connector and the composite out you can see the antenna connection. The composite out is also in colour, instead of the black and white of the previous generation Amigas.

Configuration Details

Chip Mem:1MBCPU:68000
Fast Mem:0MBKickstart:2.05
Floppy:Chinon FZ354 DDBackup:None
Hard Drive:20MBOptical Drive:None


Accelerator:Not Installed
Videoslot:Not Installed
Zorro slot 1:Not Installed
Zorro slot 2:Not Installed
Zorro slot 3:Not Installed
Zorro slot 4:Not Installed
Zorro slot 5:Not Installed
Zorro slot 6:Not Installed
Zorro slot 7:Not Installed

Specific Details

Serial Nr.:8514892315997010171845Boxed:Original Packaging
Manual:No Manual AvailableAmount Owned:1