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Amiga CDTV

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System Information

One of the very first true Multimedia machines, Commodore bet on the computer in the living room. Unfortunatly it wasnt a big success. The CDTV is based on the Amiga 500 with added ROMS for CD support and all flashy screens for playing Audio CDs

Includes Mouse, Trackball, Remote, Floppy, Keyboard and CD caddys all in black.


CDTV box frontThe CDTV set I own is the full retail boxed version, inside this large box is a seperate box with the CDTV main unit; a boxed (black) keyboard; a CD1411 black diskdrive and mouse and IR controller.

CDTV box topJust to show how large the box is; this is the topside of the box.

CDTV box rearThis is the backside of the box, showing what's included in the package. This is a black keyboard, a black floppy drive, a remote mouse and the RF controller.

Configuration Details

Chip Mem:1MBCPU:68000
Fast Mem:0MBKickstart:2.04
Floppy:CD1411 ExternalBackup:None
Hard Drive:1.2GB SCSIOptical Drive:Built-in CD-Rom


Accelerator:Not Installed
Videoslot:CD1301Type:Genlock for CDTV
Zorro slot 1:CDTV Flash MemoryType:Flash ROM for CDTV
Zorro slot 2:CDTV SCSIType:SCSI Controller
Zorro slot 3:CD1200Type:Trackball controller for CDTV
Zorro slot 4:CD1252Type:Infrared mouse for CDTV
Zorro slot 5:CD1411Type:Black 3.5
Zorro slot 6:Not Installed
Zorro slot 7:Not Installed

Specific Details

Serial Nr.:P1971KH1411Boxed:Original Packaging
Manual:No Manual AvailableAmount Owned:1